Atelier FOLK design dishcloths and 34 other new items are now in stock.

Product Introduction

There are 34 new items this week.
We recommend the Atelier FOLK 5-ply kaya fabric dishcloth.

This week’s recommendation: Atelier FOLK 5-ply kaya-fabric dishcloth.

There are four patterns in total, but we recommend Coffee Bird.

Atelier FOLK 5枚合わせのかや生地ふきん コーヒーバード

Cute round and square birds.

Atelier FOLK 5枚合わせのかや生地ふきん コーヒーバード

Designed to smile when wiping.

Atelier FOLK 5枚合わせのかや生地ふきん

We also prepared a box set with four patterns in total, one of each of the four patterns.

There are others.

34 new items arrived this week, including various dishcloths and various Awasaka products.

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Side story

Yamani is starting its 26th season this month!
We will continue to work even harder this season.

It’s kind of lonely, so here are some photos from the 25th term (last year).

In June, just this time last year, it was raining so hard that the water levels on the Ori side near Yamani and in the Toki River were horrendous, as you can see.

In July, it was a study tour of the JCI Ceramics Section. This time the destinations were Fukuoka and Saga. The photo shows an Aritayaki soy sauce jug. The kawasemi is cute.

In August, my free research during the summer holidays was to make a sunshade for the outdoor unit of an air-conditioner. What will it be this year?(関連記事:夏休みの自由研究にエアコン室外機カバーをDIYしてみた(2023年夏)

September, in front of Mizunami Station at blazing sunset. Beautiful.

Mocchi during a water bath in October.

In November, I visited Sadogashima. The photo shows our child, who is still in the Sadogashima boom after the trip to Sadogashima. (Location: Nagoya, Japan)

In December, last year, I was turning 40 years old and it was time for the Mizunami Junior Chamber to graduate. It was the period in my life when I wore a suit most of the time lol.

In January, I visited Ochiyobo Inari. I tried early morning as it is very busy at normal hours.
But as you can see in the photo. This is indeed Ochiyobo Inari.

In February, I bought a Pikmin Ottin plush toy.
It’s peculiarly cute, isn’t it?

First stall at Ceramic Valley Craft Camp, March.
Selling was not much, but I enjoyed it.

In April, TRIP WARE was featured in Banana Sandwich.
It’s a strange feeling to see the tableware you always ship being used by celebrities.
関連記事:テレビ番組・バナナサンドにてTRIP WAREが紹介されました

In May, we finally said goodbye to the desk in the picture, as it was time to replace the old one.
The desk on the left is the one I’ve been using ever since I was in Sue , Mizunami City, and the one on the right is the one I’ve been using since I moved to Toki Town.
I’ve been using it for more than 20 years, but I’m parting with it to replace it with a desk that can be raised and lowered. Thank you very much for all your help.

And I’m sorry that I’ve become so rambling, but once again.
We will do our best again this season!
Thank you very much for your support. m (_ _)m


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