Good for zoo souvenirs? Panda plates and 12 other new items are now in stock!

Product Introduction

The calendar is in October. How fast is it?
Is it the season when warm dishes are tasty?
This year has been so hot all the time that I have a feeling that something is wrong.

Now, I would like to recommend a new product this week, the “Little Panda at the Zoo” series.
I feel it would make a good souvenir from the zoo.

This week’s recommendation: The Zoo’s little panda series


The popular panda, a cute little zoo animal, has been made into a bowl.

The porcelain material makes it resistant to chipping and safe for children.
Because it is something you use every day, the easy-to-use shape and functionality make it a pleasure to use.

Mugs are also a great item for the zoo’s gift shop.
If you wish, we can ship them in a box. (Please consult us when ordering)

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Wholesale for oversea

Side story

This aside is a review of September!

Yamani (in summer)

Early September, it still feels like mid-summer.

Fireworks seen in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture

This year, the festival was held normally because it was the end of Corona!
Following Mizunami, we were able to see a grand fireworks display in Iida City for the first time in a long while.
There were many portable shrines and it was a lot of fun!

First time camping in a long time

It’s strange that I’ve been kind of busy this year… work shouldn’t be so busy… (I’m waiting for your order!)
So I went camping, which I had not been able to get to.
It was still hot during the day – the river was nice.

September Birthdays

A person whose birthday is in September.
Memories of exploring Nagoya’s Entonji shopping district.

That’s all for this review of September.
I hope October will be another good month.


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