19 new kitchen items are in stock, including a Japanese sword-shaped Japanese confectionery knife.

Product Introduction

Well, it is December, the last month of the year 2023.
Let’s get going this month, as it is the last month of the year!

Now, I would like to recommend a new product this week, the “Japanese Sword Confectionery Knife.
It is a Japanese sweets knife in the shape of a Japanese pagoda.

This week’s recommendation: Japanese sword wagashi knife

This is a Japanese sweets knife in the shape of a Japanese sword.
This design is likely to be popular among foreign people.

日本刀和菓子ナイフ ブラック

This is the black version.
The dull shiny black is cool.

Silver version is also available.


The silver version is shiny and looks very sharp.
But don’t worry, the sharpness is no different from a regular Japanese confectionery knife.

There are more.

This week we have 19 new kitchen items in stock, including a Japanese sword Japanese confectionery knife as well as other bargain items!

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Side story

Let’s take our customary look back at the last month. This time it is November 2023.

At Ogi Port on Sadogashima Island

November started on Sadogashima.
This was due to the influence of YouTuber Kae [Island Nurture], who the children have been addicted to since the spring.
Thanks to her, we had a very enjoyable trip to Sadogashima, which we hope to share with you on our blog.


Looks like he played the drums.

The following week, I had a concert at a certain place for my 40th anniversary party, which I had been planning for a while.
I am glad that I managed to play the drums, which I had not been able to practice properly!

New Akao

The following week, I went to Atami.
I went on a trip with my classmates to commemorate my 40th birthday.
We went on an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink, all-you-can-drink, all-you-can-drink tour at Oedo Onsen.

Install a suspicious machine.

We installed a dubious machine that is supposed to increase fuel efficiency.
Is it really effective or not?

It was a November like that.

I have the impression that I’m just playing around because of the 40th anniversary, but that’s just a coincidence! LOL!

December is finally my birthday month.
Thank you for your continued support in December.


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