Deals for the first time in a long time! 13 new items in stock, including summery tableware!

Product Introduction

I bought a SUP on impulse the other day.
It was on sale and I wanted to be able to play with it when I go swimming in the summer.
But it will be two months before I go swimming… I wanted to go to the beach last Sunday because I bought it and I wanted to try SUPing.
But the weather suddenly turned rainy and we had to cancel.
So I’m looking at the weather forecast for this week.

Now, this week’s new products are the first time in a long time that we have a lot of good deals on them.
Among them, we recommend the Rape Flower Field 10cm plum-shaped small bowl.

Recommended this week: rape field 10 cm plum-shaped small bowl.

菜花畑 10cm梅型小鉢

I think the gentle colours are perfect for the coming season.
I think it also fits the atmosphere of the rainy season.

菜花畑 10cm梅型小鉢

Looks cool and good in summer!

菜花畑 10cm梅型小鉢

What will this summer be like?

There are others.

This week we have a lot of good deals!
We’d like to keep bringing in new products, but we’re struggling to control the pace.。

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Side story

What did we do last year at this time of year?

Seems like last year they were watching a baseball game.

We were at the Nagoya Dome.
I haven’t been there since then, so I might like to go there for the first time in a while.
I don’t usually watch baseball at all, but the atmosphere at a baseball game is great.

This is May 2022.

Looks like they were taking part in a marché at the TV tower in Nagoya.

It’s a shame I haven’t been able to attend any TV Tower events since then.
It’s just that it naturally falls on the same day as my child’s school visit. Hmmm.

This is May 2021.

In front of the Potter’s Monument

There are several monuments to ceramic ancestors in Mizunami City.
These are monuments to the people who introduced the ceramic industry to the area.
This one is in Terakawado-cho, Mizunami City. There is also one in the town of Sue.


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