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Product Introduction

The other day I went to Sado Island.
Yes, it was under the influence of Kei [Island Grown].
It is very popular among children!

This week, we would like to recommend a new product, a set of 5 bean-plate dishes with traditional patterns.
We are feeling the return of overseas tourists these days.
We recommend this item for inbound demand!

This week’s recommendation: 5-piece bean dish set with traditional pattern

A set of bean plates decorated with traditional patterns in a pop design.

Traditional Japanese symbols are depicted with a lovely pop touch.

Comes in a decorative box.

The small bean-size plates make you want to use several of them side by side on a tray or trays. They are perfect for entertaining, gifts, and souvenirs.

伝統模様 5客豆皿揃

伝統模様 5客豆皿揃

They are also sold in pieces.
Smaller items such as bean-plate dishes are especially popular as souvenirs.

There are more.

We have 19 items in stock this week, including some great deals!

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