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Product Introduction

In Mizunami City, the cherry blossoms were at their best from the weekend before last to last week and were very beautiful.
It’s difficult to see the cherry blossoms when they are at their best, but I’m glad I was able to enjoy them this year.

Now, new this week is a cute combination of traditional Japanese patterns and dinosaurs! It is the Edokko Dinosaur Series.

This week’s recommendation: the Edokko Dinosaur series.


Collaboration between traditional Japanese patterns and dinosaurs that slept on the ground!


The design, in which a dinosaur quietly lurks amidst an old and charming pattern, is an item that is easy to use in everyday life while feeling adult-cute.
A dish loved by adults and children alike.


There are a total of eight different patterns in the bean dish, which is also recommended for souvenir products.
The designs are easy for foreigners to pick up and may meet inbound demand.

What’s more, these chopstick rests are cute.


Children may also get carried away.

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 Side story : Cherry blossoms in Mizunami City.

Here are some photos of this year’s cherry blossoms in Mizunami City.


This is a row of cherry blossom trees along the Toki River.
If you walk all the way downstream, you will end up at the City Hall, where there are also many cherry trees.


It is quite a good distance for a walk.


This is called the Sakura Sakura Walkway.


It is also lit up at night!


I recommend getting off at Mizunami Station around midday, buying some food and drinks at the kiosk, going to the Mizunami City Hall, and then walking back along the river towards the station while admiring the cherry blossoms…

Then, you see, there is a bar there called Yamamoto Sanchi.

During the cherry blossom season, it is open during the daytime and has a terrace.

Night cherry blossoms at Yamamoto sanchi in Mizunami City

This course is recommended!


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