Enjoy tea! Shinzangama Yamatsu Hyoka series and 25 other new items are in stock now!

Product Introduction

Today is October 31, and October is already over. How fast!
It has been getting colder since last week, and as the temperature drops, it is finally the season of appetite.
I am thinking that this is the season when it is easy to pick up a plate of food and enjoy it. (Look of expectation)

This week, we have in stock tea utensils that are perfect for enjoying hot tea in this season.
We have just received a new shipment of the “Hyoka” series of tea utensils.
The color of the tea on the white porcelain…just imagine it!

This week’s recommendation: Hyoka Series

This is the Hyoka series by Shinzangama Yamatsu.
The transparency of the white porcelain is well utilized in this design.

晋山窯ヤマツ 氷花シリーズ

When tea is served, you can feel a faint tinge of color in this tea bowl.

晋山窯ヤマツ 氷花シリーズ

Perfect for enjoying green tea.
We hope you will pick up this teacup.

There are more.

Other endangered wooden cutlery series have also arrived this week!
And we also have some great deals!

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