New size added to Glass Can! 17 new items in stock!


Thank you for the Bon vacation.
Thanks to your support, I was able to proceed with my free research during the summer vacation, and now the summer vacation is coming to an end.
We are now in the final stages of the summer vacation and are starting to catch up on homework.
…Isn’t there too much homework for the summer vacation? _(┐”ε:)_

Now, new items this week.

We recommend the Glascan 345 Glass Tumbler.
A new size is now available in the popular Glass Can!

This Week’s Recommendations

24193354 Glascan 345 Glass Tumbler

A small size joins the popular glass feeling.

Interesting design glass cups with the image of cans.

The unusual visuals will enliven your evening drinks and parties.

The design has a nice atmosphere not only for beer but also for juice.

Click here for different sizes.



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