New series “Vessels like a picture frame” and 13 other new items are now in stock!

Product Introduction

After the New Year’s holiday, I have finally returned to my usual life pattern.
Once you take a break, it is hard to get back into the swing of things!
I will do my best again this year!

Now, the first new product of 2024.
We recommend the new series of “frame-like vessels”.
Please take a look.

This week’s recommendation: a series of vessels that look like picture frames.

This series has been in production since last summer.
The flat shape and frame-like design are very cute.


Framing” is the process of putting a painting in a frame.
The framer wants to enhance the work of art that the artist has put his or her all into. This word evokes the spirit of the framer.
A plate may resemble a picture frame in a sense, because a finished dish is only complete when it is served.
That is why I named the dish “a dish like a picture frame.


The antique atmosphere creates a slightly mature yet cute table.
When you put food on the table, you may feel like you are creating a work of art.
Try decorating with a variety of dishes, both Japanese and Western.

It is available in three sizes and two colors.


There are more.

There are 13 new items this week, including a series of picture frame-like vessels as well as several bargain items.

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Side story

Well, the year 2024 has started!
I was going to post a “Happy New Year” type of post on Yamani’s Instagram, but I was so busy at the beginning of the year that I ended up missing the timing_(┐”ε:)_.

I went to the Ochobo Inari shrine in Gifu prefecture this year for Hatsumode (New Year’s visit).

Lanterns at Ochobo Inari

I went early in the morning this time because it seemed to be very crowded.
Even so, there were quite a few visitors, so it is indeed Ochiyoho Inari.

I stopped by 138 Tower on the way home.

The weather wasn’t much better.



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