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Product Introduction

Last week I went to Spo-cha for the first time in my life.
It’s a dreamy facility where you can play as much as you want after admission. It’s amazing!

Now, new products this week.
We recommend a new series of cutlery called Sway.

This week’s recommendation: Sway Series


The design motif is a plant swaying in the wind.
The crisp body line is distinctive, yet naturally attractive.


The curved surface of the handle combines a bulge and a dent to make it easy to hold so that there is no stress during use.


The material is all stainless steel for simplicity, while the shape expresses uniqueness through a fusion of design and functionality.
The cutlery is designed to blend in with daily table coordination.


There are more.

This week, in addition to the Sway series, we received 17 new items, including a seiro, a pot that can be used with it, and a bargain item!

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