Retro Cute Hanafuda Small Dish and 17 other items in stock now!

Product Introduction

August starts on Tuesday!
So we have new Japanese tableware in stock this week.
We have 17 new items this week.
We recommend “Yurutte! Hanafuda Mame Plate Series”.

This week’s recommendation: Hanafuda Mame Plate Series


A series of small plates decorated with cute floral playing cards.


Hanafuda, a type of karuta peculiar to Japan.
The world of Hanafuda is packed into a small plate.
But something is different…it is a little funny Hanafuda.

While incorporating Japanese elements, the loose and cute animals with silly expressions add a bit of fun to the dining table.
It is also cute as a soy sauce dish or condiment dish, or to put a little snack or dessert on it.
It will add a touch of color to your dining table when you entertain your loved ones or on special occasions.

More Japanese tableware

In addition to the Hanafuda Mame Plate series, 17 new items are now in stock!

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Side story

My memory of July.

Japanese Izakaya Style Yakitori

KIIMIYA, located in front of Mizunami Station, is a restaurant serving delicious yakitori.

Airplane to Fukuoka Airport

I left the airport well in advance so that I could catch my flight. However, the traffic jam in Komaki City was so bad that I arrived at the airport just in time to catch my flight. It was a very thrilling experience.

Inns in Yokohama

The hotel in Yokohama that was 4,000 yen per night.
Since the dawn of the Corona, all hotels have become more expensive.

I went to the sea in Fukui Prefecture.

This year we opened Corona and went to the beach.
It was fun to swim in the sea of Fukui Prefecture after a long time!


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