miyama. featuring vessels that make curry tasty.


Everyone loves the popular menu item curry.
Recently, many different types of curry are being enjoyed at home.
What kind of bowls do you use to eat curry?
Curry is a dish that is often eaten at home.

This time, we will focus on such a major staple, curry.
Curry dishes This time, we would like to feature the curry plates made by Miyama.

There are many types of curry dishes.
For a hearty curry with lots of ingredients, a large-size dish would be easier to eat, while a bowl would be easier to use than a plate for a soupy curry like soup curry.
Miyama has a full lineup of such curry plates.
We hope you will find your own favorite.

miyama. Curry vessels Lineup

Leaf-shaped curry dish

Have you ever seen dishes served on a large leaf at restaurants that serve Indian curry?
It is said that in South India, there is a custom to serve everyday dishes on banana leaves in addition to curry.
We have tried to reproduce such an image with Minoyaki vessels.
This plate is quite large in size among the vessels produced by miyama.
Oribe glaze is applied to make it look like a leaf.
The small cups are filled with various kinds of curry.

・Leaf-shaped curry dish, serving dish, green (leafy 48cm plate)

・Leaf-shaped curry dish cup (Raku Kobachi)

“The usual curry plate”

Many of you probably enjoy retort curry at home on a regular basis.
There are many types of curry dishes on the market, but the most convenient shape to use is probably the oval, or oval-shaped dish.
The roux and rice can be served separately, and it is also easy to hold with one hand.
We named it “Always Curry Plate” with the wish that it can be used easily all the time.

・Usual curry plate (Racca 31cm Poisson deep dish)

It is a little bit long, so it is perfect for a roux.

There is more! Miyama’s recommended curry dishes

Miyama still has many more curry plates to recommend.
We hope you will find one just for you…

・Nordic blue deep blue 23cm curry/pasta bowl

The dark blue color goes well with curries, cream pastas, and curries, and the contrasting colors make them look even more delicious.
The thicker rim creates a moderate distance between the food and the bowl, making it easy to hold and creating a spacious atmosphere with a margin of space.

・crease oval 8-sun curry bowl

This emotional vessel is composed of randomly carved reliefs and gentle circles that seem to have changed naturally in the kiln.
Its depth makes it ideal as a serving dish for salads and simmered dishes.

・Hanahiramukou 24cm coupe plate, white variegated glaze

The white kiln-variation glaze gives a glimpse of stone grains on the white skin.
The gentle impression created by the gentle curve of the rim makes it suitable for both restaurant and home use.。

Other recommended curry items

Make every day more special with items that allow you to enjoy authentic curry!
We also have other items in the style of a retro nostalgic coffee shop.

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