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Product Introduction

Here we are in November 2022! So we are already two months into this year. How quickly it goes by. Now, we have 37 new items this week. We recommend the “yosooi” series of flower vases.

This week’s recommendation: Shinzangama Yamatsu yosooi series

A flower vase that will brighten up your dining room and fit in with your everyday vase use.

晋山窯ヤマツ yosooiシリーズ

The lid can be removed and washed entirely to keep the inside clean and prolong the life of the flowers.

晋山窯ヤマツ yosooiシリーズ
A shallow, round depression on the inside bottom allows flowers to be displayed in a stable manner.

晋山窯ヤマツ yosooiシリーズ

By the way, this yosooi series is cute, looks like the Mac Pro it once was.

晋山窯ヤマツ yosooiシリーズ

Here is the Mac Pro.

昔のMac Pro

昔のMac Pro


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