13 new items in stock, including Japanese tableware covered with cats!


We’ve been having sunny days, even though we thought it was the rainy season.
The humidity is a bit high, but not as high as when it rains, which helps the cardboard boxes not to become soft.

Well, this week’s new Japanese tableware is “Nekomaruke” a series that is highly recommended for cat lovers.

This week’s recommendation: Nekomaruke series

I would definitely recommend this series to cat lovers.
“Nekomaruke” means covered in cats.


This series depicts cute cats in a variety of tastes.



There are 14 items in total, but one item has not yet arrived, so 13 items are in stock this week.

All of them are loose and cute cat illustrations.
And the names are exquisite and somehow recognizable, which I like.

This product is manufactured by Kanesada Seito.


This week’s new items are all Japanese tableware with pictures of cats.

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