Zaru Soba Set and 30 other new items are now in stock!


April has started.
In Japan, the cherry blossoms were at their best until last weekend. On the weekends, the wind was strong and cherry blossoms were fluttering around everywhere, making it feel like spring.

Now, this week’s new product lineup consists of 30 items. Our recommendation is the “Zaru Soba Set.”

This week’s recommendation: Zaru Soba Set

This zaru soba set is recommended for the coming summer season.


Used to serve noodle dishes without soup.


The dish’s shape and the sunoko’s size create a configuration that enables the noodles to float above the bottom of the dish, resulting in water removal.

This time, we made a set with four items that we recommend in terms of shape.


Other products

This week we received 30 items, including a zaru soba (buckwheat noodle) set and various others.

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