Miyama Plue Demitasse Cup and 22 other new items are in stock now!


Last weekend, I went to check the route to school for my child who is going to junior high school.
It looks like it is about twice as far as the elementary school, so I thought it would be pretty tough for me as an adult to walk here every day, but I guess I’m young so I’ll be fine.

When I first entered the pottery industry, I was on the side of those who said, “I envy you for being so young! I used to be on the receiving end of such comments, but now I find myself on the receiving end.
Time is cruel, isn’t it?

This week, we have 22 new items in stock, including a demitasse cup from Miyama’s Plue series and various other items.

This week’s recommendation: plue demitasse cup

We occasionally receive inquiries about demitasse cups.
They are not in high demand in Japan, but they are used in some regions.

plue デミダスカップ&ソーサー 白磁

Standard white porcelain.

plue デミダスカップ&ソーサー 窯変鉄くろ釉

and kiln-changed iron black glaze.

Kiln-changed iron black glaze is recommended as it has the atmosphere of pottery that cannot be experienced in mere black.

More new products.

This week we’ve got 22 items in stock, including plue demi-das cups and saucers, as well as deals and more!

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Side story

This section looks back to this time 5 years ago.

Yamani’s office under renovation

5 years ago in March, we were remodeling our office in Yamani.
The wallpaper was falling apart, and as expected, it was a bit uncool, so we remodeled.

temporary office

During the renovation, we had a temporary office near the entrance of the warehouse.
It was March and the temperature was about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.
It was a bit cold.

Under construction

Only the walls and floors were remodeled.
I would have liked to have done the ceiling as well.

Completion of renovation

Also, I replaced the curtains.
I ordered the curtains myself and DIY’d them.


The current Yamani office is here.

Office in March 2023 in Yamani

I’m doing my best.

To Mochi Mochi 5 years ago.

A look at what we did 5 years ago with rice

Thank you for watching 😉


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