A “home café” in no time. Eight dishes just right for a one-plate lunch♪


One plate lunch perfect for A “home café”. The good thing is that only a one-plate dish can be finished in a very stylish way. Whether it’s Japanese food for breakfast or pasta and salad for dinner, serving it on a single plate will instantly make you feel like you’re in a café. It is also easy to carry to the table and reduces the amount of washing up.

In this issue, we have compiled a list of dishes with a diameter of 25 to 30 cm that we recommend for such one-plate lunches.

What a stylish, one-plate wonder!

One-plate lunches are easy to balance nutrition naturally if you take care to arrange them in a colorful way. We verified how much better looking a one-plate meal can be just by making a regular meal into a one-plate meal.

First, serve individually in the usual bowls.↓

This looks good enough, but…

The same menu is served on one plate next time.↓

It gives a very different impression! The result is a sense of unity and a clean, fashionable look all at once. It is also lovely to put on a few dishes of the same taste as shown in the photo, but it is also cute to dare to match different materials such as glass bowls and small wooden bowls.

Cute little bowls to put on top↓

Don’t worry about mixing! Lunch plate with divider.

One-plate lunches have many advantages. Among them, we will start with those with dividers, which are relatively easy to incorporate.

Not long ago, lunch plates had the image of being for children, but nowadays there is a wide variety of fashionable designs that can be used by adults as well.

①Scandinavian blue deep blue lunch plate

北欧ブルー 深ブルー ランチプレート やまに

A lunch plate with a striking deep blue color that is a bit different from ordinary blue. The deep blue of the Scandinavian style and the color that appears during the firing of the rim give each piece a different appearance. The slightly deeper design provides more space for serving food and makes it easier to serve food that contains a lot of liquid.

It was also introduced on actress and model Anne’s You Tube channel “Anne/anne TOKYO”.

②Beech Lunch Plate L

ブナ ランチプレート L やまに

Lunch plate made of natural wood (beech) that feels pleasant to the touch. The rounded edges make it safe for both children and adults to use.
It conveys the warmth that only natural wood can provide.

③Three Separate lunch plate

3つ仕切りランチプレート やまに

The perfect size and depth make it a very popular lunch plate♪ The reverse side is drain-cut for good water-shedding.

3つ仕切りランチプレート やまに

A very simple design that can be used for both Japanese and Western purposes.

One plate without dividers that makes you want to serve it freely like a painting.

A one-plate dish that is as beautifully arranged as a painting with a variety of ingredients. A larger bowl is fine, but a flat bottom with a slightly raised edge makes it easier to serve and prevents side dishes from falling out while being carried.

④【Boxed】 The Hana Ufure 24cm large plate olive

【箱入り】花うふれ 24cm大皿 オリーブ やまに

Each piece of pottery is carefully crafted by hand by artisans with a deep sense of taste. This is a “tatara” manufacturing method with a beautiful, delicate fabric pattern.

The plate used in the previous verification image.↓

⑤【Boxed in a gift】 TOHO Luca 24.5cm cut plate – orb black

【箱入りギフト】東峰窯 Luca (ルカ) 24.5cm切立プレート オーブブラック やまに

The Luca series exudes a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The flat shape of the dish is well suited for simple serving with plenty of white space.

⑥Tigu 27.5cm  large plate – brown

チグ 27.5cm大皿 茶 やまに

Somewhat warm and calming, the color of this vessel is reminiscent of the soil of the earth, the base of our life. At the base of the table. The base of your life. Eco-friendly vessels made of recycled clay.

⑦JYUZAN branche 31cm plate (L) – vanilla

寿山窯 branche ブランシュ 31cmプレート (L) バニラ やまに

Fluctuation and tranquility created by handwork. The warmth of handwork is added to the inorganic, simple shape, giving it a slightly casual look.
We also focused on the moist and matte texture.

⑧Nordic blue Deep blue 27cm plate

北欧ブルー 深ブルー 27cmプレート やまに

A plate with an impressive deep blue color that is a bit different from ordinary blue. It is covered with a glaze called namako (sea cucumber) glaze, which has a beautiful flowing pattern.

北欧ブルー 深ブルー 27cmプレート やまに

The “hama,” the area behind the plate, is flat and designed so that water does not accumulate here at all. Therefore, it drains well and dries quickly, making it hygienic and safe to use.


These were the 8 dishes that are just right for a one-plate lunch.

One-plate lunches make ordinary rice look stylish just by serving it. You can try it at home, too, so give it a try!


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