New colors and 34 new items have arrived at Press de Flowers!

press de flower / black Information

It’s March and it’s getting warmer.
Maybe it’s time to put away the coats…?

Well, we have 34 new items of Japanese tableware this week.
We recommend “Press de Flower Black”.
A new color is added to the Press de Flower series!

This week’s recommendation: Press de flower, black

プレス・ド・フラワー ブラック

Press de Flower first appeared in March 2018.
It’s already been five years since it was launched! That’s fast…

We have not added a new color since we added Rose in July 2021.


  1. Blue
  2. Beige
  3. Green
  4. Gray
  5. Rose
  6. Black (NEW)

Now available in 6 colors. You’ll get lost!

And this time, a new shape is added.
The rice bowl that has been requested by many people has joined.

プレス・ド・フラワー ご飯茶碗

There are now 6 different shapes.

  1. small dish
  2. Large Plates
  3. Cups
  4. Oval Bowls
  5. Rice bowls

You can coordinate your entire dining table with pressed flowers.

Only the black platter is currently in production, so please be patient.

More Products

This week we received 34 different products.

Japanese tableware wholesale here!

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Kogiso Memories

Here is a recap of February.
Before I know it, it is the middle of March. How fast it is!

Luggage going to Germany / Suezaemon

This is a package going to a customer in Germany.
We have been working with a customer in Germany for more than 5 years.
Thank you for everything.
I would like to go to Germany someday. The other day, I asked someone who knows a lot about traveling and he said that February and October are the best months for airline tickets.


This year’s Mizunami City aldermanic election was without an election due to the perfect number of candidates running for the limited number of seats.
They were all posing together, so they had fun and took a commemorative photo.

Kogorou’s ramen

This is Kogoro’s Ramen. Kogoro is a ramen restaurant in Mizunami City.
Since I joined the Junior Chamber International Mizunami, I often go there.
I am always grateful for their hospitality.

Car-related toys

As the children grew older, the room was converted to a single room.
The toys that were decluttered in the cleaning household are the ones pictured above.
This was a toy that the children had played with so much.
I thought it was sad for me to throw them away, but not so much for the children. It was easily thrown away…

That’s how it was in February in Ogiso.


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