“Vintage Rose” series and 13 other new Japanese tableware are in stock now!


New Japanese tableware arrives at Yamani every Tuesday.
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So, new products this week.
We recommend the “Vintage Rose” series.

This Week’s Pick: Vintage Rose


The design is majestic and beautiful, like vintage tableware purchased in Europe.
It reminds us of a rose-scented flower garden where small birds play.


The design is surprisingly suitable not only for Western food but also for Japanese food.
Please enjoy coordinating your table by arranging dishes created with your own ideas.


More Japanese tableware

This week we received 13 new Japanese tableware, including the Vintage Rose Series and other bargain items!

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Please consider stocking up. Ordering is easy through our website!

Wholesale for oversea

Kogiso’s side story

Corner of what I was doing this time last year.

Kii-miya’s Yakitori

This time last year, I was enjoying a delicious meal at a yakitori restaurant in Mizunami called “Kiimiya“.

charcoal fire

I’m getting hungry…

Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool Museum

I also went to the Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tool Museum in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.
I think it was very hot that day.
The temperature inside the museum was very comfortable.

Dove of Osu Kannon

Also, I was covered in pigeons at Osu Kannon.

That’s all from here.


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