Perfect for the coming season!

Side story

It is the rainy season in Japan, and rain falls frequently.
The high humidity makes it easier to feel the heat than the temperature.
And when the rainy season ends, hot summer arrives.

Here are some recommendations for tableware for this season.

1. Nordic 380 mug

The concept is a beer mug, but it is also the perfect size for other items such as iced tea and iced coffee. This product is useful both at tea time and in the evening, and is also convenient for everyday use during the hot season. It is made with a sense of stability.

Size: W 8.4 cm x 12.5 cm H 9.5 cm, capacity 380 ml

There are more…

2. Pitcher Bistro

This glass pitcher is essential for enjoying a café atmosphere at home.

Three sizes are available. Mini size is for one person. For a little bit of fun. Medium size for two people. Large size for everyone to enjoy.

There are several other jugs besides these.

3. Glass Bowls

Very stylish stacked bowls. Cool for desserts, cereals, salads, as well as condiments…
Of course, stacking is perfect!

Why not freshen up your table in the summer with glass bowls?

This is a cute glass bowl with sparkling points.
The mini size (9cm) makes it ideal for serving ketchup, mayonnaise, etc. on top of the bowl. It is especially cute with sugar cubes.
It can also be used as a small dessert bowl for ice cream and other small items.

By the way, the bowl in the photo is “Kompeito”, small colored sugar candy covered in bulges.

4. Goblets

A glass for easy enjoyment, perfect for relaxing at home time!
With a stem, it looks a little rich! But it is easy to handle, which makes it a great series. From drinking alone to drinking online, just pouring the glass makes it look good and makes you feel a little bit superior. Wine, of course, but also cocktails and highballs. For children, you can fill it up with juice and have a very popular drink (Of course, it is also useful when you want to drink a little water).

When you are done using it, you can stack it for storage.
Anyway, it is good that it is easy to handle!

Variety of sizes to choose from.

Simple, round and cute dessert cups that can be stacked.
The high base (with stem) makes it much more gorgeous than ordinary dessert cups!
They also look great in photos.

The entire surface is made of physically tempered glass, making it very durable and easy to stack for easy storage.

Make refreshing atmosphere…

During the rainy season, it is hot and humid everywhere, and the weather is not always pleasant. In such a situation, we would like to propose tableware that can create a fresh atmosphere by slightly changing the tableware and furniture we use daily. I hope to continue to introduce tableware for all seasons and cases.


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