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This week we recommend the SHICHITA 9cm Mamebachi.

This week’s recommendation: SHICHITA 9cm bean pot

On July 7, a cat wandered into a certain Mino pottery studio.
The cat was named “Shichita” because that day happened to be “Tanabata Day”…

SHICHITA シチタ 9cm豆鉢

The “SHICHITA” series of Japanese tableware was created with the adorable “SHICHITA” as a motif.
The relaxed, “no-ho~n” expressions of these cats, which will make you smile, convey what kind of cat “Shichita” was.

The variations are all familiar cat patterns, and you will want to collect them all!

SHICHITA シチタ 9cm豆鉢
The slightly deep bowls allow you to serve soupy side dishes and desserts without worry.
You may enjoy a café-style lunch by arranging a number of them on a large tray.

SHICHITA シチタ 9cm豆鉢

Designs are.
Nora (Sichita), Mikeco, Dora, Hachiware, and Scottish.

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