The Antico Flower series is now available! 15 new items in stock!

Product Introduction

New this week is the Antico Flower series.
I’ve been in love with this vase series since the first time I saw it!

The delicate and chic floral pattern is, how can I say it, just stylish.
This is a product of Awasaka in Mizunami City, and I would like to be able to make beautiful vessels like this for Yamani.

So this week we have 15 new items in the Antico Flower Series. Please have a look!

New this week: the Antico Flower Series.


The delicate floral pattern of the Antico Flower series is eye-catching.


There are three different patterns.
Personally, I like Blossom best.


The lines have a three-dimensional decoration.


The stamp-like design of the endorsement stamp is also cute!


Cups and saucers suit both coffee and tea.

 New products list

So this week we have the Antico Flower Series, 15 items in stock.

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