Examine the comfort of LUSH’s shampoo bar!【SDGs Initiatives】

Side story

The SDGs have become a hot topic. Then the other day, I happened to see a TV program on SDGs related to LUSH shampoo bars.
The company is talking about reducing waste by eliminating the need for containers.

Is this really eco-friendly? How does it really work? How comfortable is it to use?

We have actually verified these worrisome details♪♪

What is a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are solid shampoos sold by companies such as “ethique” and “LUSH. It is a hot topic now that it is human-friendly with additive-free materials and earth-friendly with its package-less design.

I don’t need a package.

Generally, shampoo is a liquid product in a bottle.

If you buy one bottle and then buy refills and refill it, you don’t need a new bottle, which is both cosmetically and environmentally eco-friendly. I believe that many families do so.

But the shampoo bar does not even require that refill package!

When I go to a LUSH store, they put it straight into a paper bag (I don’t even use plastic shopping bags now), so I just take it out and use it in the bathroom! The only package waste is the paper bag (zero plastic waste!).

Easy on the wallet…

They say this shampoo bar can be used 80 times for short hair.

I could travel around the world with one of these!” And!

It lasts longer than I thought it would!

The amount is said to be equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo! The ability to use a lot in a small volume and weight is a nice feature because it reduces transportation costs environmentally.

Alright, now let’s actually use it!

How to use and feel the shampoo bar

①Wet both hair and shampoo bar.

When you lather the shampoo bar, you get this kind of foam…it lathers better than I thought it would!

It has pop decorations and colors, but I don’t mind and will use it vigorously!

The decorations and colors will gradually come off as you use it (sometimes the bubbles turn pink or green! ), but it is safe to use because it is free of synthetic preservatives and parabens.

②As you like.
A. Shampoo bar directly into hair
B. Lather shampoo bar by hand and apply to hair (For those with weak hair and scalp, we recommend lathering by hand before use.)

In no time at all, you’ll have foam… Rub several times until you get the desired lather.

③Massage scalp and hair as if you were washing your hair with liquid shampoo.

Although the non-silicone formula made my hair feel a little creaky, the silicone does not remain on the scalp, so it is gentle on the scalp and has the advantage of prolonging the color and perm results.

④After rinsing, use conditioner if you like.

If the conditioner and treatment are soaked in properly, as they usually are, the creaking that I mentioned earlier is surprisingly no longer an issue.


⑤Dry the shampoo bar in the open air before putting it away in a can or other case for the next use.

After use, the shampoo bar should be stored thoroughly clean and dry!

〈 miyama. porcelain sanitary 〉 Crust Soap Dish

This is a soap dish, a new item in Miyama’s popular “Crust” series.

The convex branch shape creates a gap between the dish and the soap, making it difficult for the soap to get soaked in water, thereby prolonging the life of the soap.

A total of five colors are available.

They range from bright pastel colors to subdued shades.

Enjoy the color combination with the shampoo bar and decorate your bath with pop.

Sanitary vessels from a tableware manufacturer.

Miyama is a manufacturer of tableware.

The company was established about 40 years ago to produce Western tableware for export in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture, the production center of Mino ware, and has been making tableware to this day.

Miyama’s priority is to bring out the best of the ingredients. The white porcelain clay used to make vessels is mixed with a large amount of vitreous material and fired at a high temperature of 1,340 degrees Celsius.

By doing so, the vessel itself becomes vitrified, making it resistant to stains, easy to wash off, and creating a beautiful looking porcelain skin.

The miyama. porcelain sanitary line was created to introduce a new way of living that makes the most of these materials to create enjoyable and delicious dining experiences.

To keep the bottom clean for use in a watery environment, a glass coating is also applied to the back of the bowl.

Each product is carefully wrapped and delivered in a box of the appropriate size for each product so that it can be used as a gift.

I hope you all enjoy and feel comfortable with the things that are familiar to you…

How about incorporating “SDG” initiatives into your daily life?

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