“miyama.” bico Coffee Cup & Saucer – Caramel Brown

Side story

The “bico” series is recommended for teatime with its relaxing design. The moist hand glaze has a unique and gentle texture. Each piece has a different finish, giving it a tasteful finish. This tableware is perfect for a relaxing snack time.

“miyama.” bico coffee cup & saucer caramel brown specs

Cup: Width/11×8.5cm
Height/6cm Saucer: Width/12x12cm Height/1.5cm

Capacity (when full)
Approx. 210cc

Approx. 330g

Porcelain, Made in Japan / Minoyaki

Smooth / Colored glazed part is smooth

Microwave safe, dishwasher safe
Suitable for use in microwave ovens and household dishwashers

Size and weight may vary.
Due to the nature of the glaze, there are differences in color irregularities and finish.

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