Oda Pottery 10 items in stock in the Sumikiri jyubako series!

Side story

It’s already September in 2022. We are approaching the end of the year. This year has been particularly hectic, so it has gone by very quickly so far. I am afraid that it will already be December before I realize it.

Now, we have in stock a series of stacked boxes reminiscent of the Japanese New Year. Even though it is a stacked box, it can be used in many ways.
So here is an announcement of new arrivals.

This week’s recommendation: Oda Pottery, Sumikiri jyubako (stacked boxes).

I can’t help but think of New Year dishes when I see this shape.
However, I think it can be used all year round, not only for New Year dishes, but for anything you want to put in it.

小田陶器 隅切重箱


The various sizes are a great way to show off your skills in arranging them.

小田陶器 隅切重箱


Oda Pottery: Each size of the Sumikiri Jyubako is designed to overlap. Combined like this!

小田陶器 隅切重箱

This is how it is stored.

小田陶器 隅切重箱


Conveniently designed to be stored together when not in use.

小田陶器 隅切重箱

It is marked on the back of the Oda Pottery.

Oda Pottery: 10 items in total

This week we received the Oda Pottery Sumikiri Jyubako series of stacked boxes. In terms of the season, I can still answer the needs of New Year’s…? What do you think?

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