Vintage-style tableware by genre

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Vintage-style tableware that gives your table a quiet, calm, and mature atmosphere.

The nostalgic and atmospheric texture, as if it has been used with love and care, is loved by many. Recently, many people dare to use DIY and handmade products to enjoy interior design by applying an aged finish to shelves and tables in a vintage style!

I have always loved collecting vintage-style furniture and goods, and have sold some vintage-style tableware at Yamani.

So, here is a brief introduction of the vintage-style tableware we carry at Yamani, sorted by genre.

Which genre do you prefer?

French country style tableware

The first is French country style tableware.

French Country Style Table Coordinate

The tableware has a shabby chic, or rather, classy and somewhat girly atmosphere.

It is characterized by fine relief and beautiful dull coloring.

The appeal of this room is its somewhat ennui-like appearance, with white as its base color and a bit of shabby (old-fashioned).

It is cute to display it with dried flowers or old Western books.

Among them, I especially like the “Classical Cutlery” series by Takakuwa Metal Co.

Classical Cutlery
Petite Spoon & Fork Antique Gold

The series realistically reproduces very delicate scratches and dullness, just like old-fashioned silverware purchased at antique malls in Europe.

The workmanship is the result of “Takakuwa Metal,” which has been making metal tableware for a long time in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, the home of metal tableware.

Established in April 1967 (Showa 42): Takakuwa Metal Co.

Industrial tableware

Next, industrial tableware.

Industrial tableware

Industrial means “of industry” or “of industry.

A sense of bareness and inorganic quality.

For example, the walls are concrete or rough and rough-looking, and the furniture is steel or other inorganic metals that dare to be brought to the surface.

In some cases, “rusting” is daringly applied to give a vintage look.

Inorganic and simple, I want to take a quiet picture with dark lighting. These tableware have a somewhat masculine design that is appealing.

Retro pop style tableware

Finally, retro-pop tableware.

Retro pop-style tableware with colorful color schemes

This retro-pop tableware has an appealing bold design with thick borders, patterns, and large, bold designs in the style of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Red, yellow, green!

The tableware gives off a nostalgic and energetic impression of a daring color scheme with loud primary colors.

Vintage and antique tableware has been loved by many people in recent years.

We hope to bring such tableware to you easily and readily.

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