Seven new items have arrived, including the Ai Kyoka series with cute Japanese patterns.

Product Introduction

March has come and gone in the blink of an eye.
Mizunami City has suddenly become warmer this week and there are even a few cherry blossoms here and there.
It finally feels like spring!

Now, new items this week.
Seven new items have arrived, including the Ai Kyoka series with cute Japanese patterns!

This week’s recommendation: the Ai Kyoka series.

Vessels filled with traditional Japanese patterns, valuing the good old days.


Gently blooming flower shapes add even more colour to the table.


The design is decorated with an ancient crest pattern and is likely to be appreciated by foreigners.


It is designed in a Japanese style, but it also suits Western food surprisingly well.

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 Aside: a review of March

March, it was over in a flash.

with Gashima-kun

March started in Sadogashima.

Actually, I went to Sadogashima in November, but this time I went back to Sadogashima to participate in the Sadogashima festival, an event by YouTuber Koe [Island Nurture].

It was a fun event!

Mr Igonerizo Uchino on the stage (left Gakee [Island Grown]).

Sunset in Mizunami City

It didn’t warm up very much this March and the cherry trees didn’t bloom during March.

Stall at the Ceramic Valley Craft Camp.

I opened a stall for the first time at the Ceramic Valley Craft Camp.
This is a big event that the local community is proud of. It was indeed a great crowd puller.

So let’s keep up the good work in April.


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