14 new items have arrived, including the Rime series with beautiful penetrations.

Product Introduction

January flew by so fast….

Well, here are some new products for you this week.
We recommend Ichihara porcelain the Rime series.

This week’s recommendation: Ichihara porcelain the Rime series

Ichihara porcelain, the nearest manufacturer from Yamani, has started selling the Rime series! The Rime series has a faint blue tint around the center of the bowl.
It is like an ice mirror surrounded by fog in a deep forest.

市原製陶 霧氷シリーズ

The process that looks like ice is called “kannyu (penetration) pattern,” which is a crack pattern created during cooling after firing due to the difference in shrinkage rate between the glaze and the base metal. The sound of the “ping-ping” sound of the penetration of the vessel while it is cooling down after firing is very beautiful.

市原製陶 霧氷シリーズ

Simple white gives a profound impression.
This beautiful tableware allows you to enjoy its texture.

市原製陶 霧氷シリーズ

The elegant serving style with wide margins to bring out the colors of the dishes seems to suit the dish very well.

In addition…

This week, Ichihara porcelain the Rime series, as well as other bargain items and Nambu ironware are in stock.

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