New items and 27 other new items have arrived at “moment” in Shinzangama Yamatsu!

Product Introduction

I thought it had gotten much colder, but it was warmer this weekend!
Although I thought it didn’t feel like winter, I’m glad I’m not too lazy to go outside.

Well, it’s Tuesday again this week.
This week’s featured soup cup is an addition to the Shinzangama Yamatsu’s “moment”.

This week’s recommendation: Shinzangama Yamatsu “moment” soup cup

晋山窯ヤマツ moment スープカップ

A soup cup is a new addition to the popular “moment” series by Shinzangama Yamatsu.

晋山窯ヤマツ moment スープカップ

The wide mouth allows you to enjoy warm soups.

晋山窯ヤマツ moment スープカップ

“KONARE” is a factory brand created by Shinzangama Yamatsu for people who value careful living.

晋山窯ヤマツ moment スープカップ

Six colors are available. (Light gray will arrive on December 19)

There are more.

This week we have a variety of sanitary items in addition to the Shinzangama Yamatsu “moment” soup cups. And some bargain items!

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