Seven new items have arrived, including works by potter Igarashi Tsutomu.

Product Introduction

This week we have received works by Mizunami City potter Igarashi Tsutomu!
In cooperation with a local potter active in Mizunami City, we have started a joint project with Mr Igarashi with the aim of spreading the appeal of Mino ware, Mizunami and the potter’s work throughout the country and the world.
Please come and see the charm of Mino ware, which is different from the Mino ware we always show you.

This week’s recommendation: potter Tsutomu Igarashi, Tuttle Blue, Kotori single-flower vase.

作陶家 五十嵐ツトム タトルブルー ことりの一輪挿し

A beautiful matt blue that quietly and softly accentuates the space.
The shimmering colour is like the colour of the sky.
There is a fragility there, like a wavering heart.

作陶家 五十嵐ツトム タトルブルー ことりの一輪挿し

This single-flower vase with a bird motif, which I like, is the kind of vase that makes you want to gently display flowers you think are cute.

I asked Igarashi-san to create this vase to be worn with a mug of the same colour, so that I could spend my coffee time pondering over the vase while looking at it.

作陶家 五十嵐ツトム タトルブルー 丸取っ手のマグカップ

Both have a colour and shape that only Igarashi can express.
Please enjoy the taste in your hands.

There are others.

This week we received seven new items from Tsutomu Igarashi, including the Drift Ice series and many more!

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