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I’ll pick up some items for New Year’s in Yamani this time! From gorgeous and graceful items to items that can be enjoyed casually with a party atmosphere. We propose a different kind of New Year’s table, one that is a little more stylish and fun. Let’s start with each manufacturer!

Oda Pottery Innovative vessels with a variety of ideas

・Oda Pottery musubi 25.5cm platter red

Plates with the spirit of Japanese hospitality woven into traditional patterns. Since ancient times, the act of “tying” or the design of “mizuhiki” (a traditional Japanese knot) has been considered a matter of congratulation in Japan. The “Kumihimo Relief” is an uninterrupted series of “braided string reliefs” that should be used for celebratory occasions.

・Oda Pottery sumikiri jyubako

Serve beautifully and store comfortably. A stacked box that can produce a special meal is a useful item when you have one, but its drawback is that it takes up a lot of space for storage. However, when not in use, these stacked boxes can be stored neatly by stacking them like nested boxes. Small plates can be stored inside together and used as serving dishes.

・Oda Pottery engi紋 Engimon 12cm small dish

Stylish motif of Japanese Engimon.

Pine, bamboo, plum, crane, and turtle, which have auspicious origins, are made into a cute crest reminiscent of a traditional Japanese design, the “family crest. Its convenient size and auspicious origin make it a good choice as a gift.

・Oda Pottery Hatago Ajiro 28cm round dish indigo blue

Vessels with the spirit of hospitality woven into traditional patterns.

It is said that hospitality with food started in the Edo period (1603-1867) at Hatago (inns). The Japanese have always valued entertaining guests with all their heart and soul.
This is a vessel for hospitality that incorporates these thoughts into a traditional pattern.

・Fuji, the moon and waves – Fuji mountain – small dish blue

Fuji and the surrounding scenery as if it were a painting.

Fuji, a symbol of Japanese culture, and the surrounding landscape, which can be enjoyed in daily life like a painting. Fuji at the top of the steps can also be used to place condiments such as wasabi.

【miyama.】Beautifully crafted vessels down to the smallest detail.

・【Boxed Gift Set】 miyama. Mizuhiki red and white set Knotting small plate chopstick rest set
A gorgeous red and white gift with auspicious motifs as a vessel.

At first glance, you can see the easy-to-use red and white plates, soy sauce plates, and chopstick rests. When the vessels are put together, the engraved lines are connected to represent the shape of “Mizuhiki”.

・【Boxed Gift Set】miyama. “gaku” set of 5 small plates

Tiny vessels with delicate and skillful workmanship.

Line engraved small plates with delicate patterns carved with lines, and small crafted plates in the shape of tea kettles and drums. It can be combined with a platter as a small plate or dessert dish, or used as a confectionery dish with tea utensils. Japanese small vessels that can be used in a variety of ways because they are small.

・miyama. “fuku” pine, bamboo and plum trees – Large dish with pine tree pattern design of a vine

Vessels decorated with reliefs of the auspicious symbols “pine”, “bamboo”, and “plum”.

The dishes will make your everyday life sunny when you get good ingredients or enjoy a small celebration with a meal.

・【Boxed Gift Set】 miyama. Tamatsubaki red and white pair bowls

Vessels representing camellia, a tree often used in songs as a tree that preserves longevity.

A gift with an auspicious motif as a vessel, finished in gorgeous shades of red and white. While conveying the feelings of the giver, the tableware can be used comfortably in the user’s daily life.

・【Boxed Gift Set】miyama. Suuun・sasasa Guinomi (sake cup) set of 6

A sake cup set that reminds you of the scenery through the shoji.

The white porcelain clay is made into a thin layer and fired at a high temperature of 1,340 degrees Celsius. The thinness of the paper makes the patterns appear to float through the paper, reminding one of a scene seen through a shoji screen.

Other makers’ vessels suitable for celebrations

Kage asobi 8.2cm white porcelain soy sauce dish tray

Playfulness of the picture emerging faintly.

When soy sauce is added, a cute lucky charm pattern appears. This small dish with a sense of humor is perfect for entertaining.

・Teshigoto 13cm Fuji shaped rice bowl blur blue Mt Fuji

“This is Mt. Fuji!”

Fuji, which allows you to enjoy the slightly different Japanese taste and expression of the clay in each of these congratulatory bowls. Fuji more realistic with Blur glaze!

・Kihada 26 Round flat plate black

Sustainable flat plates molded from natural trees.

Flat plate with a rustic texture molded from natural trees. Sustainable [Re-tableware] made from recycled ceramic clay.

[Re-tableware] This refers to vessels made from recycled clay, which was thought of as a way to reuse pottery as a raw material for pottery again in the face of the recent depletion of pottery clay and pottery stone.

“A good time is promised…” New Year’s items to liven up your party

mizuhiki cutlery rest

Cutlery rest with mizuhiki ume knot motif.

The delicate gold color of this cutlery rest is absolutely gorgeous. Available in long and short versions, it can be used for a wide range of items from chopsticks to cutlery.

・45cm “A banquet!” General’s big ship

With a boat-wrap food, “Let’s make home-drinking more exciting♪”

We want people to enjoy with a boat-wrap food experience more familiar to them! We propose a lightweight, easy-to-wash ABS plastic product that is easy to incorporate into your home.

・Gold-plated rectangular pedestal stand 30cm L

Feeling like a lord? It’s a blast! Please join us for a drink at home!
I’ve always wanted to use one of these! Very elegant golden plate. It’s a dish that is sure to lift your spirits!

・Sparkling wine glasses to enjoy at home

A dish that will take your home party to the next level. Sparkling wine glasses that make home drinking more enjoyable and authentic. To start off a glamorous home party, a toast in a different, better glass! You can easily enjoy the atmosphere as if you were at a restaurant.

・Kumiko style hinoki cypress traditional pattern coaster detail – blue ocean wave

Coaster with a detailed traditional Kumiko style pattern. A detailed traditional Kumiko style pattern is applied by laser processing. The elegant aroma of hinoki (Japanese cypress) makes these coasters perfect for entertaining and celebratory occasions.

This was a special feature on “Vessels that make New Year’s even more exciting!”

Have you found any New Year’s items that you are excited about? Let’s make New Year’s more exciting with these unusual and slightly more particular vessels!


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