Great Deal! 18 items in stock, including heat-resistant glass stacking one-handed soup cups!

Product Introduction

January was a very busy month for us. I am a little relieved that January is over. Now, a new item this week. There are 18 items including bargain items. We recommend the Heat Resistant Glass Stacking One-Handed Soup Cups.

This week’s recommendation: Heat-resistant glass stacking one-handed soup cups

This heat-resistant glass stacking single-handled soup cup is a discontinued item and is now available at a discounted price.


Stackable shapes are kind of popular, aren’t they?


A cute glass soup cup with a simple design. The wide mouth makes it a good dessert cup.

And there are more.

This week also features new products from Miyama and additional items from Ichihara porcelain’s Ie-Neko series. Also, we’ve got mugs full of cats in stock!


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Side story

The other day, I visited the Gifu Crystal Park Ena Skating Rink in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture. I was told that figure skates are recommended for beginners, so I skated in figure skates.
But my interest was piqued, so I borrowed a pair of speed skates and put them on. Unstoppable inquisitiveness!


That’s a speed skating shoe. It’s pretty speedy…but my feet hurt so bad! So about 30 minutes later I borrowed a pair of figure skates.


Please be careful when you go to the skating rink, everyone.


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