hyun-hyun Swallow Series and 34 other Japanese tableware in stock now!


The heavy rain last week was tremendous.
The nearby Kosato River was panned and I was a little nervous.

Now, new items for this week.
This week, a series of Japanese small plates with cute birds and swallows have arrived!
(Due to equipment trouble, this announcement has been delayed by one day.)

This week’s recommendation: The hyun-hyun Swallow Series

Swallows flying around in the sky as they please.
In Japan, the onomatopoeic sound of flying around is sometimes called “hyun-hyun”. That is where the name comes from.
The indescribable looseness of this series makes us feel warm and fuzzy.
The reliefs on the vessels with a slightly retro atmosphere are also romantic and cute.


I like this design because the swallows are very cute.



The back seal is cute too.

We have also prepared a set of 5 pieces for gifts.

The back seal and matching stickers are also cute.


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This week we received 34 new items in the Hyun-Hyun Tsubame series as well as Miyama Metaphys Stamag and other bargain items of Japanese tableware.

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