Special feature on camping tableware for enjoying the extraordinary outdoors at its best.

Product Introduction

Camping, an easy way to experience the extraordinary, is now very popular with people of all ages, regardless of gender! In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to our “Camp Tableware” and “Outdoor Tableware” products!

Now it’s an unprecedented camping boom.

Recently, I hear that solo camping for women has become popular due to certain camping cartoons and so on. In season, all the campgrounds are full and sometimes it is impossible to make a reservation (or not).
Nowadays, there are many cute and fashionable items that are particular about their appearance.

Camp tableware and outdoor tableware all in one place!

FLAT GREEN the Spoke

FLAT GREEN フラットグリーン スポーク ブラック やまに

Bring your favorite tableware you use all the time to the terrace or garden. Take your most relaxing space outside as it is.
The Flat Green series offers items for borderless enjoyment of indoor and outdoor activities.

The FLAT GREEN series is a calm wood tone that could be used as the interior of your home as it is. Three-piece cutlery sets and dripper stands are also available.

FLAT GREEN the Eyelet (a small hole) 3-Piece Set

FLAT GREEN フラットグリーン アイレット 3点セット ブラック やまに

FLAT GREEN the Dripper Stand

FLAT GREEN フラットグリーン ドリッパースタンド シルバー やまに


The metal mugs are also cute.

WOOD HANDLE MUG グレー Mサイズ やまに

Simply Series (Ladle/Turner/Spatula)

シンプリー レードル レンガ やまに

A kitchen tool that is a little smaller in size than ordinary kitchen tools, making it easy to carry around. The calm earth colors blend nicely with the outdoors.

Sierra Cup with scale

Sierra cups are a staple in camping tableware.
This item is useful not only for camping but also for use at home.

シェラカップ 目盛り付き やまに

Sierra Cup Deep Type

シェラカップ 深型 やまに

Makgeolli cup 11cm

11cmマッコリカップ やまに

The makgeolli cup has become famous for its popularity in Korea.

Disposable chopstick tongs – long green

This is a product with an added twist that is convenient to have.

割り箸トング ロング グリーン やまに

Camp SFK set

キャンプSFKセット やまに

A knife, fork, and spoon can be combined into a single, space-saving cutlery set that is easy to carry.

Stainless steel mesh dripper trapezoidal for 2-4 persons

ステンレスメッシュドリッパー 台形 2~4人用 やまに

It has a very fine mesh and can be used as a filter as it is. Paperless and can be used many times. It is a very ecological and ethical product. It is also compact and takes up little space for storage.

Tight Coffee Dripper

タイト コーヒードリッパー やまに

Convenient and easy to fold and carry. This dripper is perfect for outdoor situations where you want to reduce weight and area as much as possible.

タイト コーヒードリッパー やまに

Acacia Cutting Board M

Warm natural wood items also give an extraordinary feeling and are perfect for the outdoors.

アカシア カッティングボード M やまに

Acacia Cheese Knife

アカシア チーズナイフ テーブルナイフ やまに

MUTE Plate Dish S

MUTE プレートディッシュ S ビーチ やまに

Various other camping and outdoor items…

This was a special feature on camping tableware!!

Here are the various types of camping tableware that we offer at Yamani.


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