New shape is added to Miyama’s product line of creases! 17 other new items are now in stock!

Product Introduction

17 new items this week.
Miyama’s creases have a new shape, and 17 other items are now in stock!

This week’s recommendation: Miyama Crease Series

This crease series has beautiful Oribe colors.


White porcelain is also clean and beautiful.


Katakuchi bowls are recommended for natto!

A katakuchi is a vessel with a spout on one side of the rim. It is called katakuchi because the spout is on one side of the mouth rim, and is also found in bowls, jars, and large jars.

Natto (fermented soybeans) is delicious, isn’t it? I love it.

There are more.

This week we have 17 items in stock, including the Miyama Crease Series and other bargain items!

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Side story

The year 2023 is well underway and it’s already November!
So this time, we have a corner to look back on October.

Mizunami City Ramen Restaurant Kogoro’s Ramen

This year I went to the ramen restaurant Kogoro many times.
I’m finally graduating from JC in December, so I took this opportunity to go to a lot of places.
If you are ever in the area, please visit Kogoro Ramen Restaurant!


Tokyo Sky Tree seen from Asakusa

I also made a business trip to Tokyo in October!
The Tokyo Sky Tree seen from Asakusa was so beautiful.
Thank you very much for your time and hospitality.

Suspicious people and M&Ms characters

The M&Ms character I saw at the supermarket was kind of surreal, being made to carry a totally unrelated product.
The child next to him was strongly influenced by a Sadogashima-style YouTuber. It’s very strange.


Mocchi is as energetic as ever!
Recently, I accidentally fall asleep around there at night, and when I do, for some reason, he starts relaxing on my face.
I want him to stop doing that because it bothers me with dandruff.


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