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Product Introduction

Hello everyone, October is almost over. The autumn breeze is pleasant and the leaves are turning beautiful. There are many delicious foods in this season. Are you enjoying the taste of autumn such as chestnuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and persimmons? The other day, I cooked and ate rice with chestnuts with my friends. It was very delicious.

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I didn’t eat chestnut rice, but I ate watermelon the other day.
I heard that watermelons were harvested late in the season.
It was quite refreshing to eat watermelon in the cool weather.

Now, new items this week, we recommend the new “Sarasa” series.
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This week’s recommendation: Sarasa Series


This series has a crafty feel, bringing out the original earthy color of the materials.


Made of “Listone,” a new stone-like material that is strong enough to be used as commercial tableware, it has a warmth that is somehow different from porcelain.


Personally, I like the cute little atmosphere of the cup and saucer.

And there are more.

We have a lot of Sarasa series this week because we have a lot of them!
We have 49 new items in stock, including some great deals!

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Side story

Recently, I look at my children and think every day how they have grown up……they were so small….
They were so cute when they were little.

So this time we look back at October five years ago.

A highway oasis in Kariya

I recently visited Highway Oasis for fun, but I was there 5 years ago.
For some reason, October makes me want to go to Highway Oasis.

Assemble the tent in a nearby park.

It’s been 5 years since I bought a new Coleman tent…!
This tent is a nice tent but too big and hard to find a place to put it up.

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コールマン アテナ スクリーン2ルームテントを買ったので試し張りレビュー
テントなんか一つあればいいじゃんよって思っていたんですけど、ついに新しいテントに手を出してしまいました・・・。 コールマンのアテナ スクリーン2ルームテントです。 以前に書いた新しいテントが欲しいってことで気になるテントを比較してみたでお伝えしたとおり、テント欲しいな欲しいな、と思っていたものの、やっぱりテントは1つ...

The Festival

At that time, it was in front of Corona, so the festival was well underway.
Nowadays, due to the shortage of manpower, the festival tends to be held on a smaller scale everywhere.

The guy packing the boxes.

The photo shows him helping us with a novelty order.
Yamani can also arrange novelty gifts, so we are looking forward to receiving your orders!

I think it’s Halloween.

This is Kogiso dressed strangely, as if he was playing Halloween.

This was October 5 years ago (2018)!


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