The strongest bowl for Chicken Ramen is recommended

Side story

The other day, I suddenly realized that Chicken Ramen. I think TRIP WARE’s straight bowl 160 and lid 160 are the strongest bowls for eating Chicken Ramen.

Therefore, I will introduce the strongest condition to eat Chicken Ramen this time.

What is Chicken Ramen?

Chicken Ramen is already well-known not only in Japan but also in the world, but I would like to talk about Chicken Ramen again.

Chicken Ramen is a brand of instant ramen sold by Nissin Foods. Registered trademark of the parent company, Nissin Foods Holdings (No. 2685160, etc.).Also known as “Nissin Chicken Ramen. It was the first commercially successful instant noodle.


Chicken Ramen was developed by Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods, who saw the lines for ramen stalls on the black market in Osaka just after the Pacific War, and decided to make ramen “more convenient. NHK’s television series “Manpuku” depicts the birth of Chicken Ramen.
(Here is a clear introduction→【エンタメール】朝ドラ「まんぷく」即席ラーメン誕生までの軌跡

It was released on August 25, 1958. It’s a best-selling product that everyone still loves 63 years after its release!
As of 2004, a total of 4.5 billion servings have been sold since the product was launched. As of 2021, 17 years have passed since then…how many meals have been sold? Chicken Ramen is amazing.

The appeal of Chicken Ramen is that it is easy to eat and yet delicious. With bag-type chicken ramen, there are no cups and no garbage, so that’s another great point.

Recommended bowl of chicken ramen

Have you ever wanted to eat chicken ramen smarter than anyone else? (Sushi Ramen Style)

Here is what we recommend, TRIP WARE Straight Bowl 160 + Lid 160!

This time, I’d like to introduce you to some recommended points for making chicken ramen!

Make Chicken Ramen

Now we will make chicken ramen.



Cooking Ingredients

  • chicken ramen
  • raw egg
  • 400ml water


I love Chicken Ramen so much that just looking at the orange border pattern makes me think of Chicken Ramen. Instructions are on the back of the bag. (be helped!)


Boil water

Get the water hot. The amount of hot water required is 400 ml.

やかん with 水200ml

A glass cup of Bodega 200 is roughly 200 ml, so 2 cups of Bodega is just right. Then the water is boiled.


Preparation of Chicken Ramen side

Place chicken ramen in a bowl.

チキンラーメン in to the donburi

Then, put an egg in the bowl!

タメゴゥ on the チキンラーメン

Pour hot water

Pour hot water into a bowl.


This is what it looks like when 400 ml is added.


Wait 3 minutes

Then wait three minutes.


Chicken ramen noodles are ready.




Chicken ramen is completed.


I don’t like the way the egg whites look … Maybe I shouldn’t have poured hot water directly on it when I put it in.

Eat Chicken Ramen

Then, eat up.


Chicken Ramen + TRIP WARE Recommendations

Now, the bowl we used this time is TRIP WARE’s

  • Straight bowl 160, white glaze
  • Lid 160, white glaze

Recommendations are explained below.

Recommendation Point 1 : Perfect size for chicken ramen

TRIP WARE ストレートボウル160

The TRIP WARE Straight Bowl 160 is the perfect size for the capacity of Chicken Ramen.
The moderate diameter, which is not too large, makes it easy to eat, and the moderate depth makes it convenient to carry.

Recommendation Point 2 : The lid is designed to be used as a serving plate.

TRIP WARE フタ160 白釉 やまに

The TRIP WARE lid 160 is designed to be used as a plate. It seems a waste to use a cupboard just to use it as a lid…but I’m glad it can also be used as a plate.

Recommendation Point 3 : Cut-out shape saves storage space.

The shape is not open like a real rice bowl, but rather cut off, so storage space can be used efficiently.

Recommendation Point 4 : Good overlap.

The TRIP WARE has a good overlapping shape of all types. So even if you have several of them, they can be conveniently stacked for storage.

Thanks for the chicken ramen!


So, thank you for the Chicken Ramen feast. We hope you will also enjoy Chicken Ramen with the TRIP WARE Straight Bowl 160 + Lid 160.
(We are waiting for your case, Nissin Foods)

Tableware used in this project

↓I would prefer a white glaze for the color of the bowl in relation to the color of the soup, but it’s your choice.

↓The Bodega with an approximate capacity of 200 cc is also convenient for rough measuring.

↓Chopsticks at a great price


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