Shinzangama Yamatsu yosooi, which can be recommended for half-tissue cases.


Convenient for those who want to use half a tissue each. Introducing the “yosooi” series from Shinzangama Yamatsu.

Have you ever thought, “One tissue is a little too much” when you want to wipe a little bit with the tissues you use everyday?
This time, we happened to notice that the “yosooi” flower vase fits perfectly as a half-tissue case, and we are impressed to introduce it to you.

Shinzangama Yamatsu – yosooi

“yosooi” is a flower vase that will brighten up your dining room that fits in well with everyday vase use.
The lid can be removed for washing, keeping the inside clean and prolonging the life of the flowers.

Cute round form.

We have children and pets, so we use tissues quite often.
When a mouth or table gets a little dirty, we often end up using a tissue even though we think, “Oh, one tissue is a little much……isn’t it? I often end up using them even though I think, “Oh, that’s a little too many…” when my mouth or table gets a little dirty.
I feel a little guilty.

It’s just a tissue. But it’s still tissues.

Every day I wonder if I can save even a little money.

Then I saw this “yosooi” flower vase with a round hole in it…
I thought to myself, “This could work as a half-tissue case…” I decided to give it a try.

First, take out the usual tissue paper from the box and cut it in half.
I found that half-size tissue paper is also available, but it is a bit expensive, so I decided to cut it myself, although it is a bit time-consuming.

Like this.
The amount depends on the type of tissue, but a quarter to a third is about the right amount.

The “yosooi” is placed here because the lid opens with a snap.

The trick is to put the tissue in upright, with the folded part of the tissue on top.


In a stylish half-tissue case ♪

Then it feels good.
Since it is made of ceramic, the lid has a good weight, and the tissue comes out smoothly with a “swoosh” and feels good.


Gently blends in with interior design

It fits in well with the interior design.
It is also nice that it is vertical, so it doesn’t take up much space on the table.
I decided to keep it next to my “always-use” tissues as a “little-use” tissue.

Now I can use it without any worries when taking care of Mocchi.

Of course, “yosooi” is also very stylish as a flower vase.

Three lovely colors.
You can use them if you like.


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