In fact, we have a wide variety of non-ceramic kitchen items as well.

Side story

Although “Yamani” is often thought of as primarily a pottery company, it actually offers a very wide variety of kitchen items other than pottery.

In this issue, we will introduce a selection of popular kitchen items from Yamani that are sure to add a punch to your dining table just by adding a little something extra.

1. Wood Kitchen Buna Beech Petit Series

ウッドキッチン ブナ ぷちミルクパン やまに

Natural wood bean plates that are cute side by side. Wooden bean plates in the shape of small kitchen tools such as frying pans, gratin dishes, and milk pans. These vessels are a bit like a fairy tale, like the world of dwarfs.

ウッドキッチン ブナ ぷちミルクパン やまに

A single plate can be arranged with a little bit of dessert and snacks to make a very stylish dish.


2. Wood Cutlery Block

ウッドカトラリー ブロック フォーク マル ● やまに

Cutlery accented with wooden parts. The shape of the lovely parts is simple, yet designed to be a point of reference in table coordination.


3. Glass mini pot

ガラスミニポット 細・低 (高さ:3.9cm) やまに

A cute beaker-like pot to gently add to your dishes. Convenient for sauces, dressings, syrups, and milk. The heat-resistant (120°C) design is also functional.

ガラスミニポット 細・低 (高さ:3.9cm) やまに


4. fam. Colorful chopsticks

【食洗機OK】fam. カラフルお箸(22.5cm) 黄 やまに

A perfect match for family time. Japanese chopsticks in calm colors. Enjoy deciding on your own color with your family and friends. Add a little color to your dining table.


5. TB CUTLERY design spoon

TB CUTLERY デザインスプーン やまに

Classical design with a strong presence.
The distinctive classical shape is designed to have a strong presence with coffee and cakes.

TB CUTLERY デザインスプーン やまに


6. 365. Knitted eco-bag

365. ニット エコバック カーキL やまに

This is an eco-friendly bag that makes use of the features of the Raschel machine and pursues the ease of use that makes you want to use it every day, 365 days a year.
The advantage is that it can be folded easily.

365. ニット エコバック カーキL やまに


7. Not too pretentious♪ Round stemmed glass

気取りすぎない♪丸いステムグラス 3817(H127) やまに

The round shape and short stem make the design not too pretentious.
But it is a glass cup that allows you to enjoy a slightly gorgeous feeling.
The size is suitable for wine, but it is also recommended for beer and whiskey.
It is stackable, so it is easy to store and easy to use.

気取りすぎない♪丸いステムグラス 3817(H127) やまに


8. Wood Vintage Cutlery

ウッドヴィンテージ カトラリー コーヒーメジャースプーン やまに

These spoons are somewhat classical but new, with sophisticated details that create a sense of enduring value.
Made from the sao tree, an Indonesian fruit tree, the grain of the wood is extremely beautiful, with a gradation of colors from beige to red.
The hardness of the wood is unparalleled, making it extremely difficult to process.

ウッドヴィンテージ カトラリー コーヒーメジャースプーン やまに


9. KIYOI Dishcloth made of 100% linen of good quality

KIYOI 良質なリネン100%のふきん グレー やまに

KIYOI = 「clean、clear、pure」
To be clean. It is to be clean.

With one sheet, you can use it as a dishcloth, a dust cover for rice cookers and coffee makers, a napkin for wrapping lunch boxes, a folded dishcloth for drying washed dishes, or even an apron for wrapping around your child’s neck when they eat.

KIYOI 良質なリネン100%のふきん ホワイト やまに

How was it?
Try our natural yet unique kitchen items to add a sparkling accent to your usual table setting.


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