Tableware items recommended for New Year’s Day, bean-plate version


This time, we would like to introduce some tableware items recommended for New Year’s Day.

Let us introduce you to the items!

This time, we would like to introduce bean plates.
We picked up some recommendations for soy sauce dishes for sashimi and sushi.

What is a bean (mame) plate?

Mame-plate is a small tableware dish, widely used in Japanese homes and restaurants. Their size and shape make them ideal for serving small dishes and condiments. Mame-plate dishes are usually a few centimeters to a dozen centimeters in diameter and are suitable for serving bite-sized foods, pickles, sauces, and small bowl dishes.

The appeal of bean plates lies in their diversity. The materials and designs are extremely diverse and include ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood, and many others. Some bean-plate dishes are made using traditional Japanese ceramic techniques, while others are designed with a modern, stylish look.

Japanese culture places great emphasis on serving food beautifully, and mame-plate dishes are a great way to showcase creativity in such a small space. Mame-dishes of different colors, patterns, and shapes are often used in combination to add color and variety to the dining table.

Tableware items recommended for New Year’s Day – bean-plate

Kage-Asobi 8.2cm white porcelain soy sauce dish

かげあそび 8.2cm白磁醤油皿 鯛 やまに

A soy sauce dish with a cute, faintly raised picture.
This humorous soy sauce dish is perfect for entertaining.

Japonesque series soy dish

ジャポネスク 9.8cm豆皿 赤唐草 やまに

This series is designed with traditional Japanese patterns in a slilish style.
The soybean dishes are designed to be used not only as serving dishes but also as cute accessory containers.

musubi series small dish

小田陶器 結(musubi) 10.8cm小皿 墨 やまに

Since ancient times, the act of “tying” or the design of “mizuhiki” (a traditional Japanese knot) has been considered a matter of congratulation in Japan.
This is the perfect atmosphere for the New Year. It is a perfect atmosphere for New Year’s.

gaku series soy dish

深山(miyama) gaku 線刻豆皿 八稜鏡 白磁 やまに
This soy sauce dish has an eye-catching design with a delicate pattern.
The not-too-assertive design will add a subtle and stylish touch to your New Year’s table.

This was the recommended tableware items for New Year’s Day, bean-plate version.

New Year’s Day comes but once a year.
Let’s get excited about it!

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