Deals! Pink long rectangular tray and 16 other new Japanese tableware in stock!


Well, it’s another Tuesday this week.
Yamani has new Japanese tableware in stock on Tuesdays.
Please come see us at Yamani on Tuesday!

So, we have 16 new Japanese tableware this week.
Among them, we recommend the 33cm Pink Blossom Long Square Tray.

This week’s recommendation: 33cm Pink Blossom Rectangular Tray

This pretty, blooming flower-like Japanese tableware is perfect for parties and entertaining.
It is perfect for parties and hospitality occasions.

This is a large-sized dish with a long side of 33 cm.
It looks like this when viewed from above.

The fringes are cute.

The reverse side is also like this.

More Japanese tableware

This week, 16 new Japanese tableware arrived, including the 33cm Pink Blossom long rectangular tray as well as the Savone series from Miyama.


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Side story from Kogiso

Last week I went to Hida City for a study session in connection with the Junior Chamber of Japan.

Hall of Hida City Cultural Exchange Center

It was Gifu Block Academy 2023.
It is a study session for members who have just joined JC.
I am already 40 years old, but I joined JC late, so this was a good time for me to attend.

It was a good opportunity for me to reconsider what I need to do.

There was also a recreational walk around Hida Furukawa station.

Setogawa River and Shirakabe Dozo Street

I think it was March when I visited here before. So there were no carp, but this time there were a lot of carp and it was very lively.

The bird is cute.

Furniture with a sense of history

Appearance of a buckwheat noodle shop

Large ginkgo at the ruins of Fuzenji Temple

The large ginkgo at the ruins of Fuzenji Temple must be even more beautiful if you come in the fall.
Next time, I would like to visit in the fall.


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