“miyama.” Children’s Tableware Special

Side story

When you are ready to eat properly, you will want to eat with the same tableware as your mom and dad.
With the pottery of the moment that matches the speed at which they grow up little by little.

That is why we would like to introduce Mr. Miyama’s children’s tableware.

I would like to introduce the following series.

  1. yum yum yummy
  2. cotori / oshidori
  3. animal life
  4. nest
  5. Oreille
  6. ie / ringo
  7. Matsuda Zoo
  8. knuq

①yum yum yummy – Useful tableware for children –

【Tableware for infants and children】

miyama. yum yum yummy

Tableware with pictures of bears, monkeys and elephants circus troupe.

The “divider plate” is a little heavier and deeper, so the plate does not move and is easy to scoop with a spoon.
The “Flower Multi Bowl” is easy to hold because of its flower-shaped bottom.
The “flower mug” features a handle that allows for a firm grip and is also easy to hold.

Behind the fun food, this tableware is full of easy-to-use innovations.

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②cotori/oshidori ‐ Bird shaped plates for a lively table ‐

【Tableware for toddlers to early elementary school children】

miyama. cotori

Smaller plates and bowls in the shape of birds.

The cotori series comes in three sizes of bowls for children’s curries, dessert cups, etc.

The oshidori series plates are for cookies and other snacks at snack time.

Birds with a kind of staring expression seem to be singing at any moment. They add liveliness to the dining table.

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③animal life ‐ Perfect for one-plate lunches. Animal Plates ‐

【Tableware for children from toddler to elementary school age】

miyama. animal life

Rabbit, elephant, and penguin are on the kids’ plate!

The dividers allow you to serve rice, side dishes, and salads on one plate without mixing flavors!

A plate of fun memories for your grandchildren, nephews and nieces who are coming over for the vacations.

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④nest ‐ Find the perfect size rice bowl in 3 sizes and 7 colors! ‐

【Tableware for children from toddler to elementary school age】

miyama. nest

Papa size is 12.5cm in diameter and 6cm high.

Mom size is 11.5cm in diameter and 5.5cm high.

The kids’ size is 10.5cm in diameter and 5cm high.

Rice bowls for daily use come in your favorite colors and just the right size.

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⑤oreille – Start helping out with small kitchenware –

【Tableware for children from toddler to elementary school age】

miyama. oreille

Let’s start with a small kitchen utensil to help you.

Helping out by squeezing lemons with “Sudachi Shibori”

Help grating wasabi with “Grating Small Dish”

Helping out by rubbing sesame seeds with the “Sesame Scrubbing Pot”

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⑥ie/ringo – Find your favorite small dish! –

【Tableware for elementary school children】

miyama. ie/ringo

A small plate about 10cm in diameter can be used as a snack plate. There are 12 types in total, including apple and house shapes, so choosing your favorite dish is a treat.

“Ringo Small Dish” comes in six colors: white, blue, green, pink, orange, and red.

“Ie small dish” has 6 patterns: Cat, Bird, Hana, Plant, Marine, and Tree.

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⑦Matsuda Zoo – Mugs with illustrations of animals drawn with pencils –

【Tableware for children from middle elementary school age and up】

miyama. Matsuda Zoo

From top left: zebra, alpaca, polar bear, bear, rabbit, deer, panda, elephant

Others: flamingo, giraffe, hippopotamus

Eleven different animals in all.

Enjoy your family tea time with your favorite animal mug.

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⑧knuq – Stylish floral patterns add color to your home café! –

【Tableware for children from upper elementary school age】

miyama. knuq

A baguette sandwich in the “Pasta Bowl”.
Fill the “Soup Cup” with delicious soup.
Put cutlery on the “Spoon Rest”.
Enjoy your meals and tea in cute tableware that will turn your home into a café.

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