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Well, today is the last day for new arrivals for 2022.This is the hizome series in Miyama.
Before I get to the main topic, I would like to make an announcement. The next shipment of new products is scheduled for January 17, 2023. We apologize for the absence, but we will work hard on shipping instead.

This week’s recommendation: Miyama hizome series

In spring, cherry blossoms spread across the sky; in summer, plovers cross the waves; in autumn, ginkgo leaves swarm the fields; and in winter, snow crystals spread all over the land.
Tea utensils with seasonal patterns painted in Gosu.

深山 hizomeシリーズ


The design has a lovely pale, gentle coloring unique to Gosu.
The plates come in four patterns and two sizes.

深山 hizomeシリーズ



The cups come in two shapes: teacups and sencha cups.

深山 hizome うつしカップ 青白磁

深山 hizome うつし煎茶 紺釉

This week was the Miyama hizome series.

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