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Product Introduction

Last week I went exploring in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.
This is a tour where the children and I roam around the city somewhat by bicycle.
I recommend it because exploring an unfamiliar city gives you a fresh feeling.

Now, new items for this week.
Sorry for the one day delay in announcing this due to scheduling conflicts.

We recommend the Crest 22cm Pasta Dish Flexi Pink.

This week’s recommendation: Crest 22cm pasta dish, Flexi Pink.

Pasta and soup dish in warm coral pink.

This is a special price due to the manufacturer’s discontinuation.

And there are more.

This week, in addition to the bargain items, we added a new shape to the asumi series made of recycled ceramic clay. And wooden spoons.

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Side story

At a riverbank in Kariya or Chiryu City

That’s why I’m cycling.
I don’t like cycling courses or anything, I like cycling just to roam around the city.

We also enjoyed the Ferris wheel before we left.

We also enjoyed the hot springs.

This person here has recently been hooked on Sado Island’s uber “Kei”.
The get-up is of course “310 (Sado)”.

It’s a lot of fun, so please check it out if you like.

Kei [Raised on an island].



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