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“miyama.” Children’s Tableware Special

When you are ready to eat properly, you will want to eat with the same tableware as your mom and dad. With the pottery ...
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Which is a good lens for taking pictures of food Championship! (for Nikon)

The other day, it occurred to me that I wanted a single focal length lens. I wanted a medium telephoto lens to take pic...

Miyama Corporation: Creating “beautiful vessels” with a pleasant sense of whiteness and transparency

"miyama." is a professional white porcelain manufacturer. White porcelain vessels are characterized by their transluc...

A “home café” in no time. Eight dishes just right for a one-plate lunch♪

One plate lunch perfect for A "home café". The good thing is that only a one-plate dish can be finished in a very stylis...

Special feature on gardening items to “add color to your table or garden!”

Hello! This is Yamani. Yamani used to specialize in tableware, but has recently started handling gardening items such...
Side story

Featuring “Vessels that make New Year’s more festive!”

I'll pick up some items for New Year's in Yamani this time! From gorgeous and graceful items to items that can be enjoye...
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