Various curry items and other 23 new items are now in stock!

Product Introduction

Well, it is the last Tuesday of the year 2023.
Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone in the blink of an eye.
It is thanks to all of you that we are able to spend this year safely. Thank you very much.
Yamani will be closed from December 27.
We apologize for any inconvenience during this period. Thank you for your understanding.

Just a heads up, our next new product shipment is scheduled for January 16th.
Please look forward to it!

Now, new items for this week.
We have prepared a variety of curry items recommended for curry lovers!
Curry will soak into your tired internal organs after the New Year…or will it?

This week’s recommendation: The usual curry dish series

This series focuses on everyone’s favorite curry and rice.
Among them, we recommend this one for use in soup curry.

miyama. soup curry dish, soup bowl, brown.


Warm soup curry in winter. Looks delicious.
The glaze has a nice warm color.

miyama. soup curry dish, rice dish, brown

Eating rice served on a plate is very restaurant-like, isn’t it?
Rice bowls are good, but this is also a good way to change the mood.

Also, I personally like these rice molds.
These small things also add to the curry mood!

coffee shop rice type chrysanthemum

The retro look is cute.

There are more.

This week we have a lot of curry items.
But we also have 23 new items in stock, including other bargain items!

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Side story

Well, this is my last blog update for 2023!
This weekly blog update I’ve been doing since September 2015, if you go back.
Here is the first-like article.

金曜日です。 今日は朝からもろもろお問い合わせやご注文ありましてどたばたしておりました・・・ありがとうございます。 新商品アップの金曜日、今週は24商品アップです。 今回は洋食器というか、洋皿を中心に24アイテム。 北欧風のお皿もいくつか入...

I’ve been doing this for about 8 years now, but I’m not sure how effective it is…

However, I personally enjoy looking back and thinking about what I was doing at that time.
I didn’t write anything about it in the above article, but here it is…

ちゅーわけで今週も木曜日。 8月最後の木曜日です。 学生さんの夏休みももう終わりなんですね〜。 今週のおすすめは ケミ 20.8cm丼ぶり イチマツ 全面柄がすっごーく目を引くこの丼ぶり。 すこし濃い目のブルーがとてもきれいです。 丼ぶり料...

According to an aside, they were going camping.
It looks like the Fumotobara campsite.
I haven’t been there since then.

Kogiso at the end of the year 8 years ago (currently recovering from a shaved head)

Eight years ago I kind of shaved my head in the summer.
Then I lived with indescribable hair for about a year.
I thought it was really not a good idea to shave my head just for the heck of it.

So, since I’ve been looking back on the past, I’d like to talk about this year.
I’ll put up some photos that caught my eye at random.

Kogiso in January 2023.

At the entrance of the New Year Trade Fair.

Suezaemon (February)

Suezaemon is a headpiece that I somehow made for a friend’s wedding.

Near Hida Furukawa Station (March)

This year, I went to Hida Furukawa and Takayama several times due to the activities of the Mizunami Junior Chamber of Commerce.
I went to Hida Furukawa for the first time and enjoyed the quaint townscape so much that I recommend everyone to visit.
You can enjoy Hida Furukawa and Takayama as a set.

Yamani’s Truck (April)

I realized that it has already been three years since this truck came to Yamani.
It’s so early.

Baseball game (May)

I got a ticket and watched the game for the first time with my child.
I don’t know anything about the players, but it was so exciting and fun.

It was 400 yen at Yamada Denki (June).

This is a mixer from UHA Ajikakugakko that I found at a local Yamada Denki store for 400 yen.
It seems to be for grinding gummy bears, but it can basically grind anything, so I use it for various purposes.

Parakeet coming to see it when he cuts his nails (August).

For some reason, Mocchi comes to see it when he cuts his nails.
Is the sound bothering you?

Fireworks display at the Mizunami Tanabata Genji Festival (August)

This year, the fireworks display in Mizunami City was able to be held as usual due to the fact that Corona Akemashita was held.
Kogiso was able to participate in the event on the management side.
Thank you to everyone who sponsored the event and helped with the activities 😊.

Mocchi-chan (September)

Mocchi-chan, aka Mocchi Mocchi, is 15 years old.
Fifteen years old is quite old in the bird world.
But we hope he will live a long life.

Warehouse in Yamanini (October)

The warehouse at Yamani, which has been tidied up for a while, has not changed in the past few years.

Pose in Sadogashima in Sadogashima (November)

Since about this summer, my child has been saying “Sadogashima…” frequently, and because of this, we went to Sadogashima.

Yurikamome at Takeshima (December)

This year, I went to Takeshima for the first time in a while to see the Yurikamome.
I went to see the Yurikamome, but there were not many of them, probably because the weather was still warm.
Instead, there were many hawks and they were very powerful.

And with that, I looked back on 2023 as appropriate.

We look forward to working with you again in 2024.


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