Simple and convenient Bodega glasses

Side story

It’s not beer glass enhancement month at Yamani, but it’s the season when beer is especially missed, so we are gradually introducing beer glasses? We are now stocking beer glasses. This time it’s Bodega 500.

Bodega 500

The simple shape is very good.


Bodega 500

There are no special features that stand out, and this simplicity makes it very easy to use.

In addition, Bodega 200 and Bodega 370 are also available. These can be used in combination to create a good atmosphere.

They come in different sizes, one can be used as a beer glass… the other to hold snacks… and many other uses!

The bodega comes in three sizes: this 500, 370 and 200.


Bodega 200


Bodega 370

All sizes are available at Yamani.

Bodega 200: Width/8.2×8.2cm Height/5.8cm Weight/127g Capacity/220cc

Bodega 370: Width/8.5×8.5cm Height/9cm Weight/195g Capacity/366cc

Bodega 500: Width/8.8×8.8cm Height/12cm Weight/270g Capacity/510cc


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