Birds are adorable! Bird motif tableware by bird lovers


As you all know(?) We are big “bird lovers”. Fluffy fur and adorable eyes. A figure walking a little bit.It is adorable in every way. Here are some cute kitchen items featuring these birds.

We have a Rosy-faced Lovebird named “Mocchi-chan” at home.

The familiar…↓

Mr. Kogiso loves birds so much that he even lets Mocchi-chan come to work with him every day.


And he gives bread every day to “Wagtail” who comes to the company entrance in winter.

This time, we’d like to introduce such bird lovers (bird maniacs?) From Mr. Kogiso…

Here are some of our best bird items~~♪♪


・Kyyhkynen 23.5cm baker

Kyyhkynen -キューフキュネン- 23.5cmベーカー やまに

The series is too cute with the friendly bird couple facing each other. Kyyhkynen means “pigeon” in Finnish. The stencil-like pattern somehow creates a warm atmosphere.

※Speaking of stencils, I remember these toys from my childhood (LOL)↓



・Miyama cotori 17cm bowl matte yellow

深山 cotori-コトリ- 17cmマルチボウル イエローマット やまに

A multi-bowl with a gentle shape that fits comfortably in the hand. What a surprise, you can serve rice on the bird’s back. Bird-shaped plates are cute, aren’t they?


・Recherche Soup Mug birds

ルシェルシュ スープマグカップ 鳥たち やまに

Large soup mug with cute birds chatting on a branch.

It’s perfect for milk and coffee in the morning and soup and cocoa in the evening. The design was created by Shinzi Kato.

・miyama.  oshidori small dish

深山(miyama.) オシドリ oshidori 豆皿(雌) 赤釉 やまに

Small dish with cute bird shape. This one is perfect for celebrations.
We have red and white for the male and female birds, as well as “egg” chopstick rests, so we’d love for you to use them as a set! (I’ll miss only one of you~!)

・Chidori tableware series

千鳥づくし 9.5cm豆皿 波千鳥 やまに

Is it too much to say that this is a bird series for bird lovers? This series is richly decorated with traditional Japanese “Chidori” patterns. Where have I seen a chidori before?

The slightly pouty expression and plump body shape are very cute. This series is filled with such “Chidori” as much as possible.


・ Smooth chopstick rest “Chidori”

箸置き すべすべ千鳥 ベージュ やまに

And speaking of chidori, here’s a chopstick rest! This chopstick rest has a cute bird shape, but it is also moist to the touch and addictive to the touch.
We hope you will try to touch these chopstick rests.


・hizome small dish “NAMICHIDORI”

深山(miyama.) hizome-日染(ひぞめ)- 取皿 波千鳥 やまに

Next is this small dish, which shows birds patterned like a pattern. There’s something nice about this casualness. (If you look carefully, you will see that this bird is also a chidori (plover). So many chidori…)


・Organic Garden 13.8cm small dish – Little Birds and Nuts

オーガニックガーデン 13.8cm小皿 小鳥と木の実 やまに

Here is another small dish with a different taste, featuring a lovely little bird. The soft, delicate touch of the flowers and grasses, and the little birds that pop up every now and then, create a gentle moment.


・Wood Kitchen beech Animal Plate – bird

ウッドキッチン ブナ アニマルプレート とり やまに

There is also a plate in the shape of a natural wooden bird like this one. This one is made of beech, a material that has been popular as a furniture material for a long time.
Beech is also characterized by its beautifully fine grain, hardness, and durability. The urethane coating makes it easy to handle.

And many more, bird items!

・Stainless steel tray in the shape of a small bird

小鳥の形のステンレストレイ やまに


・Bird pastel-colored chopstick rest

小鳥のパステルカラー箸置き ピンク やまに


・TB CUTLERY design spoon

TB CUTLERY デザインスプーン やまに

This was an introduction of bird motif tableware by a bird lover.

Did you get the message of our “all-out love for birds”? If you like birds as much as we do (and even if you don’t), we hope you’ll try to incorporate them into your daily tablescape!


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