How about a softly coloured single-flower vase as a Mother’s Day gift?


Mother’s Day will soon be upon us.
Normally, I would rather guide you to this kind of product mix! This time, I’m going to recommend this product.

Recommended gift for Mother’s Day: Oda Pottery hanairo  Bordered vase.

【ギフト】小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 トルコブルー&からし やまに

Plates and mugs are recommended, but there are also Mino ware vases for single flowers.
This is a bordered vase produced by Oda Pottery, a pottery in Mizunami City.

The pale colors are very pretty.

小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 トルコブルーマット やまに

It has a unique shape, but the key point is that it is not only cute, it can be laid down and stored when not in use and does not roll away.

小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 トルコブルーマット やまに

Single-flower vases are sometimes put away. They can take up a lot of space and are not always easy to store, but this bordered vase is no problem.
Even if you have a lot of vases, they can be stacked and stored.

小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 トルコブルーマット やまに

When sold individually, no box is available, but a gift set of two is available.

Three patterns are available, and I personally recommend this Turkish Blue & Mustard.

【ギフト】小田陶器 花色(hanairo) ふちどり花器 トルコブルー&からし やまに

I like the contrast between the pretty blue and the sullen yellow.

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