I had a pottery-making experience at Kakuyama Pottery in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture!

Side story

It’s already May, but this was in February. I experienced pottery making at Kakuyama Pottery in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.

It’s a pottery experience.

As a wholesaler of tableware, we touch a lot of plates every day, but unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to make ceramics. The Mino ware industry is a division of labor system, and I will give you a rough list of what I can think of.

  • Occupations that deal with soil
  • Mold Making Occupations
  • Glaze Occupations
  • Occupation of potteries
  • Occupation of making boxes
  • Packing material store
  • Trading company (including Yamani)

This is what it looks like.
There are others. This has been done for 400 years.

(第6話)『美濃の分業制は必要か?』‐美濃焼について思うこと‐ – 三窯 ミノウエバナシ

It is a system that has been handed down from generation to generation for a long time.

Kakuyama Pottery where you can try your hand at making ceramics.

This time, we visited Kakuyama Pottery, where you can experience pottery making in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.

Kakuyama Pottery in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture

Signboard of Kakuyama Pottery

Kakuyama Pottery is close to Toki Station, so it is convenient to come here by train!

陶芸体験 陶芸教室 絵付け体験 角山製陶所

Ceramic Art Experience Starts

So let’s get started with the pottery experience. This time, the plan is to have children take on the challenge.

Everyone in preparation

First, you will be taught how to make ceramics.

Receiving a lecture

Pottery wheel and clay for ceramics


The shape of the image changes as you look at it…it’s like it’s alive.

It can take the form of a teacup…

It can be like a vase for a single flower…

It became a small bowl!

It is interesting to watch.

The pottery experience progresses with a lecture.

I hear clay is surprisingly hard.

From the middle of the process, you can put your fingers in the way like this…

I’m going to make ceramics at any rate.

The staff at Kakuyama Pottery will assist you if you have any difficulties during the process or if you are unable to change the shape as you wish.

Kakuyama Pottery for their courteous support.

It looks surprisingly good.

It looks like he made a teacup first. Cut the bottom with thread and put the work on the board.

A moment of tension

It’s pretty focused.

This time, each person will experience two ceramics, and the second one looks like a rice bowl.

They seem to be doing it pretty well.

This one is shaped like a four-leaf clover.

Birth of the four-leaf clover rice bowl!

4 works of ceramics experience completed.

Specify the glaze and complete the pottery experience!

The process after this was done by Kakuyama Pottery. From this point, it is fired unglazed, adjusted in shape, glazed, and fired, and completed in about two months.

Here is the finished product

Pottery made during the ceramics experience

  • 2 rice bowls
  • 2 teacups

A total of 4 pieces were made.

The bottom left is a rice bowl or a medium bowl…but it is used as a rice bowl.

A rice bowl ①

A rice bowl ②

A teacup ①

A teacup ②

Every time I look at the bowls and teacups I made, it brings back memories of the day of the pottery experience…it’s quite a nice feeling.

It was a ceramic experience.

It was a ceramic art experience at Kakuyama Pottery! It was very enjoyable to watch the clay change its shape as it was being formed. I encourage everyone to try pottery making.

陶芸体験 陶芸教室 絵付け体験 角山製陶所

thank you for your hard work

The retro stove was cute.

Kakuyama Pottery


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